White Grass ski touring in Canaan Valley, WV

Yoga In The Yurt

Some questions you may have...

This is a cash donation class, what does that mean?


Donation yoga does not mean free. It means that you give what you can to the donation box, take what you need from the class. Most donations average $10 but all are welcome to leave more or less. Please help me keep the practice flowing by contributing what you can. A portion of proceeds collected will go to ski patrol, I use the rest of the money donated to support myself with work that makes me smile.  

Having access to a donation based yoga class has allowed me to continue my practice even when my low budget has hindered me from affording a $12 drop in fee. On the other hand, when I've been able to leave a larger donation, it's satisfying to know that I'm contributing and helping an instructor share their passion with the community. I want everyone to have the same opportunity to show their minds and bodies the TLC they deserve without having to buy into the "membership" of yoga.

What is an All Level's Flow?

 All Levels Yoga is exactly what it sounds like; a practice built from the ground up and for everyone. Every class begins by bringing attention to the most essential component of yoga, focus on the breath. You are then guided through gentle movements and stretches, increasing in depth and difficulty as class continues. Variations to add or lesson intensity are suggested throughout class, giving you the opportunity to make this your own practice. 

Dress code?

Layers, layers and LOTS of layers! The floor of the yurt is cold, because it's not directly on the ground. But the small space heats up quickly. As you move through your practice, you'll start to heat up. As you cool down and start to come closer to the mat, you'll want to add on warmer clothes to stay comfortable. Typically, whatever warm gear is under your outer ski shell works fine. Sweats also work. Whatever you can move comfortably in. 

What to bring with you...

A mat, if you have one (if not, there are some provided)

A water bottle, you'll be reaching for this half way through class

A towel. Not necessary, especially since this isn't hot yoga, but some like it. 

Cash to donate. 

What time is Yoga in the Yurt?

Class starts promptly at 10:00am, guests may walk in as early as 9:45. Class ends at 11:00am 

Where exactly is the yurt?

The yurt is directly behind the bright red White Grass lodge. If you're standing in the parking lot, walk to the right of the lodge, past the ski racks, and up like you were heading towards 3 mile trail. The yurt is the small, round building, with a domed roof, on your left.


How many spots are available?

We can fit eight mats comfortably in the yurt. Eight to twelve is pretty tight, but we can do it. Twelve mats is max capacity!  

What if there isn't any snow?

We practice in rain, shine AND snow every Sunday, until the season ends. If there isn't enough snow to ski, take advantage of the trail systems and go for a hike or run after class. Or stop into the cafe, they start serving at 11:00am.

  "In a recent conversation I was trying to tell a friend about White Grass and describe the kind of skiing I do there (climbing and turning, in the woods, between the trees, in the drift line, up and down all day, in groups large and small). It struck, me as it often does in these kind of discussions, that there is no good descriptor - it’s not cross-country, not backcountry, not telemark, not Nordic as these all conjure something slightly different from my experience. Maybe it’s something that only happens at White Grass. Maybe I’m the only one who feels the English language falls short here? Anyone have an apt set of words?" - Clare Anderson